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John Lucas
>I just got back from the AAW symposium. It's like being stuck in a tornado there was so much going on. Got to meet a lot of the people we talk to on this site and the WOW site. That was great. You people are a lot of fun and full of useful knowledge.

I will be sending my photos to David in the morning so he can post them in the shop shots sections. I didn't have time to shoot all of the instant gallery and didn't get to take any photos of the "sea to Odysy" show. They kept me hopping trying to do 4 demos and get the shots they needed for the the Journal.

If you are ever in need of inspiration go to one of the symposiums. You draw ideas from everyone you see and definitely from the instant gallery.

The only downside is you have to go back to work when you get back and can't work on all those ideas.

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