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Tool rust help, please...

>Well folks, as I rejoin the human race from my little sojourn, I continue to find problems my mental absence caused, and today's topic is RUST.

As has been stated before here, my "shop" consists of a 10x10 craft show tent, and it should be noted that such tents have no side walls, just a canvas roof. Typically I would cover each tool with a tarp at the end of the day, and touch up any small rust problem(s) with steel wool and WD-40 every week.

Well, I didn't put the tarp over the tools when I took my 3 month leave from the world, weekly maintanance was not done, it has rained a lot, and I now have a moderately severe rust problem.

All motors are OK, and in this short time obviously nothing has rusted deep enough to cause structural damage to lathe frames, saw stands, etc. For the most part we are talking severe surface rust on lathe beds, saw tables, band saw blades, gouges, scrapers, chucks, and assorted turning tools.

In the interest of time, do I dare use a steel brush attachment on a drill, along with WD-40, or is that too aggressive and thus I should stick with steel wool/WD-40 and LOTS of elbow grease? Any other ideas?

TIA for any ideas/advice. Also, a HUGE thank you to all (and there are many) who emailed me privately during the last few months with words of support and encouragement, and with assurances that my family and I were in their prayers. It really meant a lot.

From the mountains of N Georgia...
Still in my bib overalls,

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