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2004 Symposium

>Hey all haven't posted in a while but none the less what a wonderfull time I had along with others at the 2004 AAW Symposium in Orlando FL I met tons of folks and learned and energized my self beyond belief. I would suggest this show to anyone that needs a boost as I did. I have never seen such great pieces of work and great presenstation of knowledge. Probably because of my location in the VI. But non the less it was wonderful. I was able to see one of our own Virgin Islander reach a new level in his work as one of his pieces went for over a $1000.00 in the Auction. Mark Kauder had some wonerful work there also. I am ready to get back to work on my Poolewood and produce some work now lets see if it works. I know that I am excited now but non the less it was wonderfull.

Check Six,

David "Termite" Campbell

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