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A Most Excellent Weekend! *PIC*

David Sophusson, Custer Wa.
>Hi All,

Well the last of our guests left this morning. It was sad to see Marc load up his motorcycle and head down the road this morning to continue his US tour. The house was so full this weekend and now it seems so empty.

It started Wednesday when Carol the Router Lady showed up and moved into our guest room. Thursday afternoon Marc Broussard showed up and pitched his tent in the back yard and later that evening about 11:00 Dave and Sandy Smith towing their new trailer pulled in and got set up. By noon on Friday we had Ray and Judy Johnson with their trailer, Dustmaker Mike with his tent, and Hovey Moore with his tent all settled in the back yard. We also had Wayne and Sharon Goldstein from Calif occupying our trailer. So we pretty much had a house full for the entire weekend. Wally and Jane Dickerman also came around noon but were going to be guests at their good friends Vern and Karen Leibrant for the weekend.

Friday afternoon after Ray and Judy Johnson pulled their trailer in we all got together and went to Vern Leibrantís studio for a demo on turning large bowls. He mounted a large maple blank on his homebuilt lathe and proceeded to make chips, and were talking BIG chips! Part way through he noticed what he felt was a defect in it but continued to turn it to completion to show us all the steps involved. To all of us the big bowl looked beautiful! When we realized he was serious about pitching it Carol was first in line at the discard pile to scoop it up. Rats!

Friday evening it was playtime inside and outside the shop. Outside it looked like a commercial for Jet again this year with three lathes going for all theyíre worth. Which gets me to thinking that maybe next year I should try to contact Jet for a mini lathe or something that we could raffle off, hmmm. Anyway we finally got to bed at about 2 in the morning.

Saturday morning we fed the crew and proceeded to setup for the big day. Carol and I took off to get the fresh caught King salmon from my supplier then on to the grocery store to pick up some last minute supplies. The crew at home set up the awnings for shade and all the tables and chairs that were needed. Carol and I got home and it was time for me to start cooking. I got the prime-rib on the rotisserie and started the fire in the pit for the salmon. Now this is where things get fuzzy for me and I hope someone can fill in here. For the next three hours Iím pretty much committed to tending the beef and keeping the fire just right for the salmon. Did I mention how hot it was out there? I must have lost 10 lbs out there in the sun next to the fire. Got all the folks served, had me a barley pop and went and took a shower.

By the time I was able to get back to our guests Wally had put out a display of his vessels that he was delivering to the galleries that he sells through. Well most of them left with him except for two that I had found out later had sold. Hmmm turns out that this BBQ cost me twice as much this year than in the past, now Becky has three of Wallyís beautiful hollow forms and hey look at that, Carol has one too! Wally also brought 4 smaller hollow forms that we raffled off, Wally thank you so very much that was fantastic! I donít know who all got them but I know Marc got one. Later that afternoon I went out back and cut down a cherry tree and drug it up to have Dave Smith do a demo with his Alaska chainsaw mill. For logs that are hard to get at that mill works pretty slick, Thanks Dave! I showed Barb Sidiqui the little device that I made for keeping small cutoff pieces away from the blade so that they donít come flying back at you when your cutting a bunch. I tried to explain it in a post last week but my description didnít come across very well. So when she saw it she realized how simple it was and how well it works. Carole Iíll post a pic of it soon so you can see it. All day long we had the expert turners teaching others how to use a lathe and the tools. Carol with the help of the master Wally made her very first bowl. She would probably like everyone to think she did it with a router but we all saw her and it turned out beautiful! I built a fire for the ladies that night and the guyís played in the shop until about 1 in the morning. My Tormek grinder got another workout this year sharpening everything those guyís could throw at it. It must have been running all day long.

Well Sunday came and we had another nice breakfast and chatted some more played a little more then it was time to clean up and sort out what tools went to who. The tents came down the trailers got packed and one by one we sadly had to say goodbye for another year. Marc was staying for another night so I took him up to the Canadian border and took his picture in front of the Peace Arch at the Blaine crossing. Then I sent him out to Birch Bay so he could see his first glimpse of the salt water on this coast. Monday morning came and he was on his motorcycle heading down the road.

The house sure is quiet...


A pic of the winners, now I know who won!

L-R Hovey More, Mike Jenkins, Wally, Marc Broussard, and Judy Johnson

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