Turning Archive 2004

beginning pen turner - need advice

>OK, so I finally broke down and bought my first lathe for a furniture related project. I bought the Jet mini with extension so I can turn 29" table legs.

At the time, I bought a mandrel and spacers from Woodcraft, along with a couple of 7 mm slim pen kits.

The mandrel is a Morse Taper 1 which is supposed to fit the Jet mini lathe. What is a Morse taper 2? Just a different type of fitting in the headstock?

I haven't turned anything yet, but my wife and middle son want to try to turn pens. So what else do I need to buy to make this easier? I see pen blank drilling jigs, exotic woods, pen kits, pen presses and books on the Woodcraft site. I thought I'd use my 10% off coupon and get some gear, just not 100% sure what all I need.

Any advice?

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