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Shipping Lacquered Bowls - Russ??

Mark Kauder. Phenix City, AL
>I have have a problem with a couple lacquered bowls that I have packed - on a couple of occasions.

I have been wrapping my lacquered bowls in soft - well laundered t-shirts before packing in other material (Bubble Wrap, foam beads and the like then a box). On a couple of occasions, not always, the t-shirt material has imprinted a light pattern of the fabric on the lacquer. Not all over, just in some places.

Most recently, I took my daughter up to orientation at Virgina Tech. I brought two bowls to sand at night while in the motel. The next day I wrapped them in T-shirts, and then tied them in plastic bags and put them in the back seat of the car. When I got home last night, one of the bowls had several fabric marks on it (it was wrapped in cotton t-shirts) one did not, it was wrapped in Cotton/Poly Golf shirts. I am not sure the fabric difference is the issue.

These bowls were last shot with lacquer over 10 days ago. In one earlier case the bowl was over 4 months old when the fabric impinting happened.

Is heat an issue? One bowl may have been in the sunlight more that the other in the car. I have also had this happen while shipping with UPS.

HELP - this is not so much a problem where I am at the destination end and can sand/buff out the blemish but it is a problem if I am shipping to a gallery.

Any Ideas on safely shipping?


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