Turning Archive 2004

I wish more turners lived in Baltimore

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>Because its such a darned shame to see what I did yesterday. The local log dump of a tree cutting company is chock full of large logs, stumps, crotches, etc.. from all of the recent storms. You have to look twice to take it all in, its such a big huge pile of lumber.

In just a few minutes' examination I found years' worth of norfolk island pine, black cherry, walnut, spalted maple, pecan, all sorts of oaks, osage orange, honey locust and bradford pear.

The shame for me is that my lumber stashes are already beyond full.

This isn't a gloat but expression of a damned shame. I know most of this stuff will rot in place, and it makes me sad. I'll be bringing some of it to Bill's BBQ, probably the norfolk island pine, because its not so easy to come by.

If anyone in the vicinity of northern Baltimore County wants to do some cutting, I have permission to go on their property at any time (for the price of a few bowls to the dispatcher). Let me know and I'll arrange to meet you. You do the cutting.

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