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? for PM3520 owners *PIC*

John Trant (aka Boxes-n-Bowls)
>Would some give me the cross-sectional dimensions of the bed of the PM3520? At the tail stock end of the bed:
1) what is the width across the ways?
2) what is the width across the fattest part of the bed?
3) what is the heigth of the bed from the top of the ways to the bottom of the bed?

Thanks for any help.

The reason I wnt this information is because I am going to start the project I mentioned a couple of months ago about mounting the 18" bed extension of a PM3520 to the outboard side of my Nova 3K to get a bowl lathe with a 24" swing. I would like to tie the bed to the headstock but the top of ways will need to be positioned at the bottom of the Nova (top of the bench). My plan is to bolt a steel plate to the Nova headstock using the threaded holes intended for the outboard tool rest. The bed will be bolted to this steel plate with 3/8" bolts threaded into the plate (or with nuts on the ends). I will also bolt the plate to the side of the lathe bench. I need the above information to begin devising the exact design and collecting the materials for this project. In case I have throughly confused you, I have added a graphic representation. Hopefully, it will not confound the confusion.

Thanks in advance,

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