Turning Archive 2004

Tensioning a spindle..

Russ Fairfield
>Brad asked about making a "Tensioner" for spindle turning. There are two ways to do it. Both require a Oneway tail-center.

The end of the Oneway center is threaded 3/4-10NC. Drill and tap the tenon on the spindle or make a sacrificial waste block to fit the thread on the center and attach it to a tenon on the spindle.

Make a draw-bar for the tail-center by fitting a piece of all-thread rod into the hole through the center and lock it in place with epoxy. JB Weld is good for this, but the draw-bolt will become a permanent part of the center.

If you have a second chuck, Oneway makes an adapter so a chuck can be attached to the tail-center. That way it won't be necessary to drill and tap the waste block for every spindle.

However you do it, you will need a chuck that gets a good firm grip on the wood. I use two (2) Talon chucks with the #1 or #2 jaws to apply the tension.

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