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Five Barns Final Countdown!

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Greetings all

We are coming into the final weeks before the Five Barns Picnic. Two weeks from this coming Friday, July 30, the festivities commence, and will continue on through Saturday July 31. I have just sent out an email to those who have written me expressing interest in coming. But, it is not too late if you have been contemplating the event!

The time is above. The place is eastern PA, at the not very famous, but slightly well known Five Barns Complex in Kutztown (well, near Kutztown, anyway) PA. Why this place even had President Bush show up last week, although he did not stop by to say hello.

Who is invited?

You all are invited. You just have to write me and tell me you are coming to get on the list of attendees. It will not be too late until we are done partying on Saturday night, but if you are a procrastinator, be warned that I do not get a lot of computer time as we get closer to the date. I might miss your RSVP.

What are we going to be doing?

We have lots of stuff to do. There will be more than enough good food and drink to consume in large quantities. There will be woodworking demonstrations of all sorts going on. There will be turning on several lathes. There will be a Woodmizer bandsaw mill parked in the field sawing up trees into boards. There will be show and tell. There will be a tool/wood sale/swap. There will be famous people here (not me, others). But most of all, there will be plenty of time to get to know all those folks with whom you exchange postings and emails during the rest of the year concerning our passion of woodworking in all of its various forms.

What about my family members who don't like woodworking all that much?

There will be lots of room for kids to run around. There will be shaded comfortable seating for those who love woodworkers but not necessarily woodworking (hard to believe but true!). There will be swimming in the pool, and of course, lots of good food and drink all day and night. If someone is real hardcore about not coming but you want to come, we can give them directions to the outlets in Reading, about 30 minutes away.

What about places to stay?

There are hotels, campsites, and even some hardy souls who will be roughing it on the property in their campers, tents, and vans.

What do I have to do to come?>

Write me an email and tell me you are coming. I will respond with the details on how to get here including directions, lodging, and the secret handshake.

For those of you who have already written, if you did not get an email from me with directions, please let me know as soon as possible! I have had some trouble with spam blockers, disappearing mail, and an addled mind, so bear with me and do not take it personally. We will get it all straightened out.

We are looking forward to a great time this year!


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