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Nova Titan Chuck

Donna Banfield
>Well, Lyn, this morning I returned to Woodcraft with the Titan chuck after reading your comments last week about the "clunky operation". The store owner -- who has always been excellant with the products he sells -- pulled another Titan chuck out of the box. The brand new one had the same "stepped" operation, and this one didn't even have jaws on it. By that I mean, the works were harder to operate than the one I brought back. Based on that experience, I returned the Titan and exchanged it for another Super Nova.

I just read your review of the Titan on Fred Holder's site, and your comments about replacing the jaws to get the chuck to return to smooth operation just didn't seem to work for me - and that's really too bad. I had hoped for a different outcome. On the whole, however, I am satisfied with the Nova chuck in general -- or I wouldn't have exchanged the Titan for another Super Nova.

Your experience and opinions are an invaluable tool to woodturners. Thank you.

Donna Banfield

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