Turning Archive 2004

Is anyone else doing anything like this? *PIC*

Wolf Kiessling
>Or has anyone done anything like this in the past? I was at Woodcraft in OKC a couple of months ago and saw these Woodburst stains. These colors are really bright. I thought I would try to jazz up a couple of catalpa bowls with this stuff and see how they come out. I'm not really sure I like them, SWMBO loves them. I just finished them and haven't had any chance to show them in public. I will be going to a show in Cincinnati next month where I will be peddling them. End of last year, I started staining, using traditional wood tone stains, magnolia bowls and eveyone who saw them really like them.

In any event, if anyone else is doing this, or even better, has done this in the past, I'd be really interested in hearing how people felt about them.

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