Turning Archive 2004

small item turning

Jack Guzman from Maine
>Hello, I don't visit this forum much.I own a grizzly basic 36"lathe.I got it to make handles and such. I've turned a few crude bowls,a couple mallets and alot of tool handles. I use a few parting tools,a 3/4 in gouge for roughing in and a 1/4 in bowl gouge. Plus I have a few flea market skews,gouges and scrapers.

I need to know what I need to turn small knobs or spindles.Is there an accessory for holding a small item on one center that doesn't cost more than my lathe? When I make a knob now,I put a long piece between centers and turn the knob out of one end and then cut it off.But,I can't get tiny knobs that way.My setup is just too crude. Help anyone?---Crackerjack

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