Turning Archive 2004

Building a shop

bill Crommett in seneca
>I didn't know what else to call it while I give unsolicited advise, but it applies to shop building as well as house building.

Last Thursday we retuned home from two and a half weeks vacation to find our basement covered with one half inch of water and the storage room saturated. It seems that a PVC fitting on the high pressure side of our water service had cracked and was spraying a bountiful stream up and over the shelves where I had safely (?) strored all my 35 mm slides and my antique book collection as well as multiple financial reports and other valuable papers.
The Insurance people were prompt and helpfull but we spent two days sorting out wet cardboard boxes from "good" stuff.
I forgot--- the purpose of this message is to encourage anyone who is buiding anything to firmly and generously glue down the sill plates of any partitions between rooms. It would have saved 5 other rooms from losing the carpet or linoleum not to mention the heartbreak of losing precious stuff. The next time I will slather on the Liquid Nails.


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