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Help with small extension on the Shop

Mark Kauder
>I am going to be building a small extension on the outside of my shop - think of it as a 4'x8' closet to hold my compressor and DC (and maybe a small amount of turning blanks/wood). I will be completely drying it in and insulating it (for noise mostly). I will be installing a return vent for DC air back to the shop). I will be building it up on concrete filled ciderblock pillers (like the shop itself).

Question 1: How wide/deep do I need to pour the footers for the Pillers? Consider the fact that frost line is about 0" down here, and the ground it Hard, Hard clay. Also, there will be little weight in the extension.

Question 2: Can I get by with Pillers only on the outside edge, and attach the inside edge to the frame of the shop? Right now my plan is for the floor to be double thickness 3/4" plywood.

Exterior of the extension will be covered with vinyl siding to closely match the shop itself. The roof of the shop is aluminum, but I may use fiberglass roofing for the extension.

Any tips will be appreciated.



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