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Retirement Looming...

Jim DeLaney, Tustin, CA
>Okay, I've resigned my position as an HOA manager, and will be retiring at the end of September (90 more days!!!).

We plan to sell our home here in SoCal, and are looking at Eastern Ohio as an economical place to retire. Specifically, we're considering Austintown/Boardman/Poland/Canfield area, somewhat South of Youngstown, OH, and West of Pittsburg, PA.

Anyway, does anyone have any insight as to woodworking stores/supplies, etc. in that area? Also, for the wife, what about sewing/quilting?

We're really looking forward to this retirement thing, and being 'people of liesure' after 40+ years of working. We wanted to do this at age 55, but it wasn't in the cards, then. Now, at 59, we think it's 'doable.'

Any info will be helpful.

Jim D.

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