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Status of Jet 1014 order

Don Henthorn
>To continue the story of the damaged Jet mini. I took the tail stock apart and the leadscrew (technical name for the tail stock shaft) was visibly bent. Called Amazon using the number Brian gave me and talked with a nice lady who listened to my tale of woe. From her remarks I thought they were going to send me a new leadscrew so I could replace it, a fairly simple job. Instead I get an email saying that a new lathe would appear on my doorstep within two days. I am to send the damaged one back but the instructions for downloading the shipping label does not work. I have tried to reply to the message giving the directions and hope they can help me with that little problem. If not I'll give the nice lady a call again.

This was especially nice of Amazon because due to my sale and a stay in the hospital I was way over the thirty day return period. I have high hopes. Thanks for listening.

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Status of Jet 1014 order
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