Turning Archive 2004

failed finishing experiment: why?

Robert Savit
>I stumbled across a partial can of General Finish (the green can) which had thickened a little over time. In an attempt to salvage it, I added some mineral spirits, mixed well and used it on a couple of pieces, fairly successfully. One of the things, though, that I don't like about General Finish, is that it doesn't wipe out well. To improve the flow and wiping characteristics, I decided to add some tung oil (woodcraft, unpolymerized), ending up with a mixture of about equal parts of the the somewhat thick General Finish, mineral spirits, and tung oil. It seemed to go on a wipe off well, but several attempts have resulted in resounding failures. After a day, the finish is streaky and primarily a dull mess. I would have thought that the urethane resins would work well with the oil and mineral spirits. I have had good success with the varnish/thinner/tung oil mix. Does anybody know why this other experiment failed?
Bob Savit

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