Turning Archive 2004


Don Henthorn
>I ordered my Jet 1014 on February 19th and received notice that Amazon had shipped it on April 28th. Since I was in the midst of preparations for my estate sale I opened the package and everything looked ok so I sealed it up and put it in storage with the other stuff I am keeping. Now we are back in the house getting it ready for sale and I had a little extra time so I took the lathe out of the box and set it on the bench. The first thing I noticed was that I could not turn the handwheel on the tail stock. I worked it a little and finally got it to turn but the handwheel wobbles when it is turned and it is definitely binding somewhere. A foot pad was broken off as well which is no biggie since I will remove the pads and screw the lathe to a board. My problem is that I called Jet and they said to contact Amazon since they are supposed to service the tools they sell. I haven't been able to find the proper place to call or log onto to secure replacement parts. Can someone help me on this? TIA.

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