Turning Archive 2004

Outboard turning speeds, longish.

Ron, Neosho, Wi.
>I am rebuilding a Powermatic 90 to suit my needs. I acquired all the parts to date piecemeal, ie. the body about 50 miles from here the tailstock about a 1000, etc,.etc. It was set up with speeds ranging from 500 rpm to 4000 rpm. It also had a 3 ph motor. All this is being changed. I am installing a 1.5 hp motor (1 ph.) to compensate for the loss to a jack shaft and the variable speed pulleys that turns at 1725rpm. I need to know what would be a reasonable speed to turn stool seats outboard. They will be trued, and dished only, no major work, but in my "BIG KEESTER" line the dia. of some of them will be 17-18". This is lots of feet per sec at the outer edge. I am thinking in terms of 200-300 rpm. Turning between centers will be at about 700-1000rpm which is just fine for my needs for legs and spindles. I need to figure the pulley sizes for the motor and the jackshaft to step down the speeds and after that I can't really change much. Sooooo, you experienced turners, whadaya think? Thanks for your time and "little grey cells."

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