Turning Archive 2004

Lathes under a Grand

>Finally, after 8 years I am about to have a shop again. House is nearly complete and I have a wonderful daylight basement shop! I am starting to set up some and pull stuff out of storage. I am also looking for a new lathe to replace the old craftsman of my dads.

I love to turn bowls and small Christmas ornaments. Rarely do much spindle work other than the small ormaments. Love to turn bowls. I have started looking at new lathes. My budget is about $1000. Maybe a bit more but not much. What I am finding I really like is much more. Like the Jet 1642. Wondering if someone can point me to some lathes they recommend in my price range.

I have seriously toyed with the idea of just buying a mini-lathe and building a bowl lathe. I was a mechanical designer in a former life so the design part is easy for me. If you have a link or photo to a home made bowl lathe I would like to look at that too.

Got to say that I REALLY miss turning more than anything else in my wood shop.

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