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Vicmark chuck

Elwood Anderson
>Back in the early 80's I built my own lathe and installed a Vicmark chuck The chuck is great and with the extras I bought with it, it served my father well until his death in 2000. He was a master woodturner and my house is full of his priceless pieces. I had one problem with the chuck, when I reversed the direction of rotation for sanding, one time the chuck unwound itself and went sailing into the wall. I solved the problem by taking it to a machine shop and having them install two 1/4" allen set screws.
At the time I couldn't afford to purchase a chuck for the outboard end of the lathe with left hand threads on a 1" mandral. The chuck is 2" wide and 5" in diameter.
Several questions: Does Vicmark have a catalog available? If so, how can I get one? Where in the USA can I purchase a matching chuck?
Any information you can send me will be greatly appreciated.


"Dr. Elwood Anderson"

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