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Sophie’s Sixth Annual BBQ Reminder!! *LINK*

David Sophusson, Custer Wa.
>Hi All,

Well July 17th is getting real close for this years annual BBQ! For you new folks here and those that missed the previous announcements click on the link below that will take you to the post on the Events page that has all the details for this years BBQ. Man can you believe it, six years we’ve been doing this and it’s been a blast every year! For those of you that need directions leave a reply to the link below or send me an email.

Lee I’ll send you the directions so that you can give them to Marc when he gets to your place. I wish we could make it to your first get-together and 50th B-day but I just can’t get the time off, Rats!

Sophie, gotta clean the shop, gotta clean the shop, gotta clean the shop, gotta clean the shop.

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