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David Yoho
>I've just uploaded our four newest Shop Shots this morning. We only have one more to go to reach a milestone 600 Shots! I'm excited to report that number 600 is already in the can and I'll be uploading it in a few days. So keep an eye out for our announcement of Shop Shot # 600. It's one I know you'll enjoy and won't want to miss. Until then, have a look at the fine woodworking submitted by these WoodCentral folks.

Thanks to these talented folks for the latest submissions:

Mark Beckert - Shot #596 - shares a beautiful Tall Clock he made from black walnut in the Shaker style.

Jason Young - Shot #597 - got tired of using his compound miter saw on the floor of his shop and decided it was time to build a workstation for it. Built to match the other cabinetry in his shop, it features folding extensions, saw table height adjusters, and plenty of storage space below.

Jason Young - Shot #598 - shows off his first fine furniture commission. His custom designed bench features African mahogany with mortise and tenon construction.

Garry Smith - Shot #599 - is back with another project for the workshop. His downdraft sanding bench is not only beautiful but very functional too. Nice work, Garry!

David Yoho
Editor - Shop Shots

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