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1st natural edge bowl *PIC*

keith zimmerman, Normal IL
>I have finally stepped over to the natural edge side of bowlturning. Turning natural edge has it's own set of challenges. I think I learned a lot doing this first bowl. It is black walnut and I decided on 1/4" thickness to show the bark. The diameter is 5" and the height is 3". I decided to curve the sides like a globe to show all layers of the wood. I used my Sorby Multi-tip Shear scraper with the curved cutter to do the hollowing. The finish is just one coat of Minwax Tung Oil Finish so far. After applying a few more coats, it will either get buffed with the Beall system, or maybe a spray laquer or varnish, I haven't decided.

I think I am satisfied with this first natural edge bowl. The grain and the different layers of the wood are really beautiful.

The only thing I am disappointed about is that I originally attempted to leave an 1/8" lip around the rim for a pewter potpourri lid, but that didn't survive the hollowing.

Thanks for looking.


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1st natural edge bowl *PIC*
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