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Fox hunting horn (PIC)

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>Wanted to finish this before I went on vacation. A friend of mine is a fox hunter and wanted to see if I could make a modern replacement for his hundred or so year old fox hunting horn. They were originally made out of actual horn, and then wood, and now pretty much exclusively copper and brass. Trying to find one ANYWHERE thats made of wood is pretty much impossible. Ebay, fox hunting, bloodhound sports clubs, nowhere!

This was quite a challenge, and it actually works. I got the walls to about 1/16" all the way to where you see the joint, then split the piece, left a small tenon in one side, and drilled out the other. Glued them back and finished turning.

The only way I can figure how they did this without a hollowing rig and a laser would have been on a mill of more accuracy than can be done by hand. Any other guesses?

I am to be paid handsomely for every one I can produce, and far as I can figure, there's nobody else making them. The model is pictured alongside. They are actually the same size, just don't appear so in the pic.

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Fox hunting horn (PIC)
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