Turning Archive 2004

goblet vibration

John Lucas
>I was turning a goblet last night. The stem wasn't that thin but the wood moved and the goblet started dancing. I felt like this could lead to problems so I put a piece of wood in my live tailscenter and covered it with cloth. Inserted this in the goblet to keep it from wobbling too much. I got to wondering what others do. This wasn't a particularly thin or very tall goblet.

Just for fun I would like to try one that's maybe a foot tall or more with a stem less than 1/4". My tailstock support wouldn't work for this because the force to keep the tailstock rotating would rip the stem apart(learned this is from previous experimentation on a different project).

My thoughts are to use the string support used when making tremblers. I also figure that I would need a steady rest when first hollowing the goblet head.

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