Turning Archive 2004

A bowl and a smile *PIC*

Richard Allen
>I bought a plank of Padauk a while back. 6 1/2" wide 4" thick and 5' long. When I saw the wood at the lumber store I saw lidded bowls. Well that was back in February. So many ideas, so little time.

I was told that our receptionist is leaving for an opportunity to become a D.C. police officer. She has always been nice to me, on the few occasions that we have had cause to interact ("How does this darn fax machine work?" I ask. She says "Can I send that for you?" stuff like that.) So I thought to myself that it was a good time to make one of those lidded bowls.

The bowl took about 2 hours to make but the effort was worth the time. I have now cursed her to think of me every time she sees that bowl.

The bowl has a slightly sloped out rim and the lid has a slightly sloped in rim so the lid tends to center itself. The bright orange color will quickly fade to red-brown but it looks glorious now.

I tried making a second lidded bowl last night. I was less successful. I guess the plank will go into hiding for a few months till the urge strikes me again.

So the best part of this turning is the way I felt when I knew she really liked receiving it.



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