Turning Archive 2004

More wood! Fairly long. *PIC*

Gary Evans
>This has been my month for increasing my wood supplies. (Obviously another gloat!)

About two weeks ago, before my Colorado trip (see Aspen Burl!, below) I went out to North Knoxville to look at installing some French doors in a friend's house. On the way there, I saw what looked like either osage or mulberry lying by the road waiting for the city crews to come haul it away.

I stopped on the way back and brought home 6 or 7 pieces of mulberry 6" to 8" in diameter and 3' to 4' long. Lucky me!

Then...yesterday, I went to my brother's house to see about fixing his roof where a couple of black locust trees had fallen on it. He had told me that the tree company had already cut the trees off the house and had taken much of the wood. (bummer!)

I arrived to discover that not only were the majority of the trunks still there, but that the stumps were still standing about 5' tall and 16" to 20" in diameter. I haven't removed any of the locust yet, but I can have what I want as long as I leave some for firewood!

Then...he asked his young helper to go get the chainsaw as there was a redbud on the hill above the house that came down in the same storm. My sister-in-law told me that my eyes lit up when I heard that! TMALSS, I did chainsaw duty in exchange for a bunch of 4" to 10" redbud, with the trunk still to be cut up. The trunk is at least 20" diameter by 4' long, although it is hollow. With all the gnarls and burls, I should still get some nice pieces out of it.

Had to share,

Here is a shot of the mulberry.

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