Turning Archive 2004

Web sites and their utiltiy

Robert Savit
>I would be very interested in hearing the experiences of turners who have (or have had) web sites. Specifically, I'm thinking of putting one up, but I don't know how useful it is likely to be. In my perusal of several sites, it seems that turner's sites fall, more or less, into two categories. Some turners who produce primarily high end work have sites exhibiting examples (sometimes with prices, but not always) and instructions for contacting the turner if one is interested in purchasing. The other type of site is one with a shopping cart or another method of direct purchase. Many of these sites contain a variety of utilitarian and/or lower priced craft turnings. It would be interesting to hear from those who have either kind of site (or a hybrid) and their experiences with them. Specifically, are they useful for generating direct sales, for general publicity, for getting into galleries or shows, or for general ego boosting.
Bob Savit

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