Turning Archive 2004

AAW Symposium Give Back to the Community Project *LINK*

Steve Worcester
>I know that there is a large community of people that frequent forums. Many are posters, and even more are lurkers.

I would like to show just how large and charitable the online community is by having us participate in this years AAW Symposium's "Return to the Community" project which will benefit The Edgewood Children's Ranch in Orlando.
This year we are asking you to bring a bowl that will be given to them. They have an auction each year that brings in money to help fund the ranch for troubled and frightened boys and girls.

It doesn't have to be elaborate, just give it your all and let's show the world how powerful and caring we really are.

If you cannot attend the symposium, you can send the bowls directly to the home at
Edgewood Children's Ranch
1451 Edgewood Ranch Rd
Orlando, FL 32835-5104

I hope that we show so much support that they are absolutely blown away by our collective generosity.

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