Turning Archive 2004

Inlace alternative *PIC*

John Lucas
>Someone asked if some of the resin and epoxies that I've been experimenting with could be used as an Inlace alternative. The answer is yes and no. I've tried fiberglass resin, system 3 mirror coat and castncraft. All 3 would work depending on the thickness. First let me say that it won't save you any money. At least not enough to make it worth while.

Here's what I found. Fiberglass resin would be Ok if mixed with dark colors but when it gets thick it gets dark so light colors would be muddied.

System 3 mirror coat is very clear and works wonderfully if not to thick. It's biggest problem is it becomes extremely viscous when it's hardening. This is due to the heat generated when the chemical reaction takes place. Because of this nothing floats in it and it will occasionally soak into the end grain of the wood. This is an advantage if you need to get epoxy into a very small crevice.

Castncraft worked great to imbed my goblets. I'll send a photo when I get the project completed. As you can see from the photo it throws off the same static filled curls when you turn it. It dries very clear and seems to harden the same way Inlace does.

These all have special uses but I think I would stick to Inlace for that purpose.

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