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Turning Design Contest # 2 *LINK*

>Our second woodturning design contest begins on 1 July, and will be hosted by the fine folks at http://www.penturners.org. This one should be really interesting and a lot of fun…to enter, you’ll need to design and make a writing instrument and some form of display system, like a box, a stand or anything else that you can come up with that would hold your pen or pencil. We’ve got several hundred dollars in prizes to give away to the first, second and third place winners in three skill-level categories…Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

Companies who have pledged prizes for the contest are:

Arizona Silhouette, http://www.arizonasilhouette.com $50 gift certificate
Beall Tool Company, http://www.bealltool.com One Beall buffing kit
Berea Hardwood, http://www.bereahardwoods.com $150 in gift certificates
Bethlehem Olive Wood, http://www.bethlehemolivewood.net $100 in merchandise
Klingspor’s, http://www.woodworkingshop.com Five-pound box of Gold sandpaper
Pens of Color, http://pocwoodworking.com $50 in merchandise
River Ridge Products, http://www.rrpwhite.com $50 in merchandise
Woodturningz, http://www.woodturningz.com $50 in gift certificates

Additionally, all of the winner’s entries will be featured in a 2005 issue of Woodturning Design magazine.

So, here are the contest's guidelines and rules:

1. The contest is intended to inspire you to design and make an innovative, interesting and original Writing Instrument and Display set. The design of this set is completely up to you and your imagination.
2. The "display" does not necessarily have to be a stand...it could be a box or any other form of storage container or presentation system. Your creation may be wood, acrylic or any other material, as long as some part of the writing instrument has been turned on a lathe.
3. You will need to decide which of the three skill-level categories (Novice, Intermediate or Advanced) your piece will be entered into.
4. Up to 2 (two) entries per contestant are allowed, and you may make an entry in two different skill-level categories.
5. There will be three judges: Joe Herrmann (Woodturning Design Editor), Scott Greaves (penturner.org co-founder) and myself; thus, none of our work will be entered into the contest.
6. A minimum of ten entries in each of the three skill-levels will be needed for the contest to be considered viable. If there are less than ten entries, the contest will either be extended for an additional period of time, or cancelled.
7. Each contest submission must be posted by sending an email to the following address: contest@penturners.org, and should include the following information:

a. Your name
b. Your penturners.org member ID (if known)
c. Name of pen or pencil kit used (Slimline, Cigar, etc…)
d. Raw materials used (type of wood, acrylic, etc…)
e. Any other comments that may help describe your creation (finish used, embellishments, etc…)
f. The skill-level category (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) your entry is intended for
g. Attach one to three photos of your creation to the email. Each photo should be no more than 150 Kbytes in size. The photo’s file name should correspond to your penturners.org member ID or name, for example, yoyospin_photo1.jpg, yoyospin_photo2.jpg, or EdDavidson_photo3.jpg

8. Submissions (photos of your work) must be emailed to contest@penturners.org between 1 July 2004 and 30 November 2004.
9. Judging will be completed, and winners announced on or before December 24 2004.

Best regards, and good luck
Ed Davidson

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