Turning Archive 2004

dust collection

>I have a very small shop and limited space. I turn small projects as a hobby--pens, candlesticks, handles, etc....small bowls in the future, hopefully.

I wear a Resp-O-Rator (?) when I turn and especially when I sand and finish. But I've noticed that I am creating a lot of very fine dust that seems to get everywhere.

I'd like to set up a dust collector that will deal with the fines...both during sanding and after sanding. I can sweep up the heavier stuff--that I'm not worried about--but the small stuff is becoming a problem I never anticipated. But I simply don't have room for a big bag and barrel cartridge system. I could afford it but the space is not there.

I've seen Grizzley and PSI and a few others offering fairly compact dust filter/air cleaner boxes that can be set near the lathe to collect dust as it is being created. Do these work? Are they sufficient?

My shop space is so limited, I have to store my lathe under a bench...I would appreciate any advice with regard to how to deal with the dust problem--economically and space conscious-wise.

Assume I am completely ignorant of anything to do with dust collection--it's close enough to true--and I welcome advice.



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