Turning Archive 2004

clear epoxy

John Lucas
>I'm still trying to figure out how to imbed some small wooden items in a clear medium that I can turn into a ball or egg shape. I had in mind the sort of thing that looks like the old fly in a clear plastic ice cube but I'm failing miserably.

One suggestion was clear fiberglass resin. Apparently they don't understand clear around here or it simply won't be clear when poured that thick. I put some in a 2 oz paper cup and it dries dark brown. 2 different brands.

The closest I've come is system 3 mirror coat. However it pulles bubbles out of the wood and totally obscures the pieces. I've tried sealing the wood and either it didn't work or the finishes were incompatible. I then tried sealing the wood with the mirror coat but then it didn't harden properly. I may not have mixed the proper amount of hardener but I tried to be very exact.

I'm getting frustrated. Any suggestions.

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