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What do ya think????

KurtK in Indy
>I was out on a call today and stopped by a lumber mill that does hardwood for the furniture industry. I stop by periodically to see if they've got any cut offs or stumps.

Well, today I go there and the guy tells me he's got a big burl and my eyes light up. He says he's trying to sell it but doesn't know what to ask. I say...hey...maybe we look at it and I give you a price. I'm thinking it is a 50-60 pounder.....

We walk out to the yard and we turn the corner and there in the way is a white oak burl that is wrapped around the trunk of the tree. Now this trunk is probably 30" diameter and the burl is easily 15-18" thick around that. It was probably 42-48" tall and my rough guesstimate was that it weighed around 400-500#.

I wonder...should I make him an offer to buy it and then try to sell the chunks? How much should I offer? Is anyone here interested in investing or buying chunks?

I will try to get some pics and post. From what I saw...the grain pattern is really something. I'm not sure what white oak looks or turns like, but he did say that there was a veneer guy who may be interested on a consignment basis.

Any input would be appreciated.


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