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It Was A Good Day

Jerry Whitaker
>I really did not want to do it but last evening I drove my wife to a Board of Directors meeting for the Girl Scouts about 40 miles away. I decided to entertain myself by visiting Pawn Shops. Just as I was leaving the 4th one, a cardboard box behind the counter caught my attention. I recognized the color and shape of Craftsman woodturning chisels handles even though only about 2 inches were visible. There was a price tag of $69.00 on the box. I asked to look at them and the sales clerk said to take a look while she finished with another customer. There were 20 tools, all HSS and only 5 of them have ever touched a piece of wood and none of them have ever been sharpened. I offered her $40 and she could keep the dead upside-down roach in the box. She said the lowest she could go was $50 out-the-door including tax. My tool inventory has now gone through the roof.

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It Was A Good Day
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