Turning Archive 2004

man i hate when that happens

Scott Stefanoski in Buggy Baltimore
>after the weekend from @#!@^%#@ where everything i touched seemed to break or not work correctly i decided to sneak into the shop and try to turn some lightly spalted maple i cut this weeked. figuring the therapy would do me some good, i loaded an 8" bowl blank onto my lathe with a face plate, found my dust mask, face shield on, set the tool rest appropriately and grabbed a gouge. As i powered on the lathe, it started wobbling out of control, since it was my first time turning a piece of this size that was fairly out of balance, i stood back and waited a second to make sure nothing would come flying at me. All of a sudden i heard a series of loud banging and see the motor banging wildly against the frame of the lathe. I shut the lathe off and see that the cast iron motor mount seems to have cracked/broken.

my question is can i get it welded, or should i just order a new motor mount? it is for a jet 1236 that is a few years old.

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