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Sharpening system recommendation

Todd M
>Hi folks,

I'm looking to get a sharpening system(s) for handling turning tools (for bowl and spindle work) that I will be using shortly, and flat chisels and plane blades.

For the turning tools, I was thinking slow speed 8" grinder with a jig system, like maybe the Wolverine. Or, the Tormek system seems to be mentioned fondly on this site. Which do you like and why, or would you use both together? Which jigs are you using with it?

I thought the Tormek might be a good way to go, if it will do a really good job on chisels and plane irons. How good is the Tormek jig for gouges? Do I need an aftermarket jig to use for the Tormek?

Lastly, for the chisels and plane irons, the Veritas MKII sharpening system seems to be a good unit for chisels and plane irons.

Assuming I only want to by these sharpening systems once, which type, or combination of types would cover all of one's needs? For turning, does it mean slow speed grinder and some jig, plus a Tormek? For chisels and plane irons, is the something like the Veritas required in addition to what you might have for the turning tools, or is the Tormek great for both uses?

Thanks for your help everyone.
Todd M.

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