Turning Archive 2004

Spalted Beaded Poplar Bowl *PIC*

David Propst
>Hey Everybody!

This is a spalted poplar bowl that I turned in January, but just finished last weekend.

It is approximately largest 9.5x5" diameter, walls 3/8", finished with many coats of clear Deft as a sealer and a final coat of Lee Valley Polymerized Tung Oil and Beall buffed.

I turned the form and decided to put a couple of beads on the rim and then got carried away! I used a Sorby Beading tool. The beads are far from perfect, but the spalting makes inconsistencies very unnoticeable to the non-turner. After beading it I “flattened” the beads with a light passes of a 3/8th gouge. I thought the bumpy profile was too much with the spalting. Your opinions are appreciated.

This was an awesome wood find, I had driven by this half log on a cleared lot for months and I finally stopped to check it out one day early last spring before it was covered up with weeds. After the first cut with the chainsaw I was probably dancing with excitement. I have a series of rough turned hollow forms in this wood on which I intend to put ebony collars when I get back to turning.

Only seven more months of school and then I'll be back on a regular basis!

My best regards to all of you!


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