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Tung Oil Finish Question

Chuck Ludwigsen
>A question for Russ or any others in the know.

I am using the tips from "Russ' Corner" about applying a Tung Oil finish to the square bowl I am working on. I have applied 6 coats off the lathe, rubbing each in. The sixth coat is drying now for almost 24 hours. I will buff with 0000 steel wool once it is dry to the touch.

My question is about putting anything over it? Are there pluses or minuses to putting a carnauba paste wax over the final coat of Tung Oil? Is there anything special I should do to the final coat prior to waxing or should I just buff the final coat and leave it.

I've put many hours into this piece and I'm willing to wait and put more to "do it right".

Thanks for your help.

Chuck in Memphis, TN.

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