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imbedding wood in resin

John Lucas
>I've been trying to imbed 2 small goblets in acrylic resin and it's fighting me. I used system 3 mirror coat. What seems to be happening is the heat from the curing epoxy is causing bubbles to surround the goblets and obscure them from view.

At first I thought it was the epoxy reacting with the plastic cut I poured it in so I tried paper cups which have worked before. It did the same thing again. This time I decided it might be the epoxy reacting with the finish I put on the goblets.

I made 2 more goblets and left the finish off. I filled the cup half full and let it harden with the goblets suspended. So far so good. Mixed up some more and pouree it over the goblets. Came back in an hour and they were covered with bubbles. I'd post a photo but my son has my camera right now.

I'm going to make 2 more in the morning and cover the goblets with a thin layer of the mirror coat and let it dry. Hopefully this will seal in any moisture or whatever is reacting with the epoxy.

If anyone has any good suggestions I'll check in the morning before I try again.

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