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For Bill Grumbine from below...

steve antonucci
>Wasn't sure you'd see this below and I wanted to answer your question, since you answered mine:

I have a Nova 3000, with 1 HP motor. With the headstock swung to 90 degrees, and the RPM's down to the lowest (~200), I roughed a bowl the other day that started at 20" and finished at 17.5". It weighed 77# at the begining, and 16# at 1.75" thick. When it was started, I use 8 - 2" screws in a 6" faceplate. Then I turned a tenon with a 2 1/2" small recess for the bottom of the bowl, and attached with 8 - 1 1/4" screws. The probably catch 3/4" in the wood, and held without any issues.

Took about 2 hours between the Stihl and roughing out at that speed. Once it was round, I moved to 400 RPM. I've done platters out to 22" and I just rougher the other half of the oak log to 22", but I was too tired to spin it.

I use a home made tool rest which is some blackpipe fittings connected to the bango and supported by a 2x4 stand on the other side. Work great for roughout, have to go slower for final cuts.

Anchorsealed this AM, wait until much later to turn...


P.S. Might just be a red oak. There were two logs, and I'm not sure how to tell them apart from just the bark. Wood looks like red to me.

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For Bill Grumbine from below...
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