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OT:Same picture, new story *PIC*

steve antonucci
>So for those of you that have viewed this before, I'd like to point out a few "enhancements" to my vehicle.

Firstly, the tailgate is dropped in the picture from when I thought I'd be able to push the block off. Very shortly after this folly, I removed the tailgate, which had been damaged from when I backed into my house, and from when the big cherry crotch I bought last month slammed into it. As the picture tells, this little truck doesn't owe me anything.

What's not obvious in the picture (too small) is that the left panel in the back window is actually a $3 sheet of plexiglas from the local HD. Has gone through NJ inspection twice, and no one's ever noticed.

He's how it happened:

I've worked out of my home for 5 years, and one June day about 3 years ago, I decided to knock off early (like 2 in the afternoon)to go fishing. So I loaded my 10' Alumacraft john boat in the back of my truck and tied it down with two straps (I normally use three, and this will be important in a minute). So I drove over to the ramp, and began backing the truck down to where I could unload. All of a sudden, there's a loud pop, and I get clubbed in the back of the head.

One of the straps had fallen behind the rear wheel of the truck. As I slowly backed up, it began pulling on it, so hard that the boat actually shot forward through the back window, nearly knocking me senseless. The third (missing) strap is normally across the two tiedowns in the front to prevent the boat from jumping the lip of the bed. Why didn't I use #3? because I had lend it to my neighbor, and could remember where we put it when he gave it back.

So, another ding in the tailgate doesn't really bug me anymore...


P.S. If you ever think that you want to spray in your own liner, that's what it will look like in 6 months.

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