Turning Archive 2004

tenon guage tool

Keith Tompkins
>Due to my schedule, I haven't been posting much....I feel like a lurker!

I came up with a simple way to size a tenon while it is between centers, to ready the piece for chucking. I made a plywood template that looks like a giant open-end wrench, that has an opening that corresponds to the largest size my chuck will open.

To use, I form a tenon. If my tool won't slip over the tenon, it is still too large for the chuck. Once it slips over, thread on the chuck, and tighten it up. the thickness of the plywood used will guage the depth of the tenon, so both diameter and depth can be measured at once.

A great aid for a demo...avoids taking the piece on and off the lathe because the tenon was a bit too big. works like a charm.

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