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David Yoho
>I've just uploaded five new Shop Shots this morning, which I think you'll find as diverse as they are interesting.

Thanks to these talented folks for the latest submissions:

Roman Mann - Shot #589 - put his leftover scrap materials to good use by building an unusual townhouse complex for the birds. Whether your workshop is state-of-the-art or a modest one, this project is sure to fit.

Jerry Syfert - Shot #590 - has come up with a basketweave technique that simulates the look. See how he uses this technique as a solution for adding interest to otherwise bland looking wood.

Sam Rowles - Shot #591 - waited 17 years to move into his dream shop and start making sawdust. He started by making the usual shop fixtures and small items but has recently turned his attention to making "the nice stuff". See what Sam's been up to in his dream shop.

Brent Harral - Shot #592 - built a very unique home video arcade and entertainment center. His design was "driven" by his client's love of watching sports and playing video car racing games. Nice work, Brent!

Kim Randall - Shot #593 - found the help and inspiration for building an overarm blade guard in an article found here on WoodCentral written by Gordon Sampson. Have a look at Kim's version of the tablesaw safety device.

David Yoho
Editor - Shop Shots

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