Turning Archive 2004

From the mouths of a babe

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>Sorry, poor pun...

Mrs. Schwingding and I were watching DIY's woodturning basics the other day. Doug was turning a goblet with a captured ring. Part of the show took a detour to a symposium, I guess it was AAW, since Alan Lacer was talking to the camera.

They were showing interesting works and talking to fellows who had turned them.

Bride says "These guys are all carbon copies of each other. They're all white, look healthy, look like they probably retired well off, and I bet none of them spend any of their waking hours with their wives, all day in their shops."

I'm thinking....uh oh, I can read between those lines, and said "so do you want your own lathe now or later?"

I of course, was immediately given the evil eye.

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