Turning Archive 2004

Observation on the P&N Bowl Gouges

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Early last month I bought several P&N Bowl Gouges from Lee Valley. Here are my quick observations after using them for the month. BTW, I have been working on 4 new bowls encorporating Walnut, Bloodwood, Yellowheart, Hard (sugar) Maple, Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Cherry and Walnut. So, I an using them on woods that range from the fairly "soft" Domestic Hardwoods (Walnut) to very hard, dense exotics (Bloodwood).
(sizes referred to are outside diameters)

I bought a: 3/8" detail Gguge, 3/8" spindle gouge, 3/8" bowl gouge, 1/2" bowl gouge and 5/8" bowl gouge (1/2" shaft where it goes into the handle). The prices range from $25.50 for the 3/8" bowl gouge to $36.50 for the 5/8" bowl gouge. All gouges come w/o handles. All of the gouges are M2 High Speed Steel and all have a black matted finish on them. The bowl gouges have a rounded inner flute, that to the naked eye looks exactly the same as my Sorby gouges of the same sizes.

I found that these gouges all take and hold an edge comparable to my Sorby gouges.

The main difference that I found with all of the bowl gouges, is that they tended to clog more readily than the Sorby gouges when cutting with the side of the fingernail grind. Because the flute is the same shape as the Sorby, I can only attribute this to the matt finish. The Sorby is polished.

That said, I thank that these are fantastic gouges for the price. These are the gouges that I will recommend to the beginner on a budget.


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