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Got the Bowl Gouge... *PIC*

Tony - Memphis
>Tried to get it shipped in before the long weekend so I'd have something to play with, but I missed the cutoff by 19 minutes! Oh well. Anyway, I got the Sorby 3/8" fingernail grind. First thing I did was sharpen it on a Tormek. For reference, the 65mm - "2" setting on the 180 jig worked perfect. Took mere minutes to shine it up. Took longer to fill the grinder up with water than to grind the tool!

This is a pic of my effort. This is a paintbrush holder thing. My wife paints and currently keeps her brushes in a Pat Obrien's Hurricane glass, but that's too tippy. So I decided to do something outside the box for me anyway and designed up this artsy looking thing. I've had the flat maple for a few years - I think it was leftover instrument cuttings. They had a pile of the 6x24 boards at the wood store. The other maple pieces are leftovers from other projects. No finish on it yet. I did finish an offcut and the curl is really nice after three coats/sanding. Anyway, my sphere ain't round, and the base didn't turn out quite as I wanted, but here it is anyway. I'll add some lead in the base this weekend and at least get a couple of coats of finish on it. I need to do a bit more sanding.

Oh, the "waves" were inspired by our love of the Gulf Coast. We just spent a week on the beach in Seaside. Used a french curve. But then, we were in Starbucks the other day and I noticed a display that has sides in a similar fashion...as much time as I spend in Starbucks, I'm sure that stuck in my brain, so I had to give credit. But when I designed the top cuts, I was indeed thinking of the beach! As I am now! Hmmm..how about a cup of Starbucks on the beach! Yeah, now we are talking. Actually, our morning routine was to get up at 6:30, throw on a tshirt, hit the vacant beach, then walk down the beach to the market in Watercolor to get a chocolate croissant and a cup of Starbucks....what a life.


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Got the Bowl Gouge... *PIC*
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