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Russ Type Question - Wall thickness

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Anyone can chime in though.

Am most of you know, the majority of my turning is segmented bowl/enclosed forms.

Like all good turners, I endevor to make the walls of the stuff I turn, a good uniform thickness. One of the reasons that we do that with solid wood turning, is so that wood movement, due to environmental changes will be uniform, lessening internal stresses, and reducing the likelyhood of cracking.

Question: does the same apply to segmented work? Yes, all wood moves, but in segmented turning there are different factors - (most) all of the wood is oriented the same direction, glue joints, etc.

The reason that I ask, On the hollow form vases that I make with small bottoms, I would love to start fairly thin on the top, and go thicker towards the bottom to lower the center of gravity and make them more stable. I know in practice, I could make the walls all uniform, and just put a baggie of sand in the bottom, but I would rather not.



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